One of the most famous stories in Homer's Odyssey is that of Ulysses encountering the sirens.

Upon his return home from the Trojan war, Ulysses stumbles upon the sirens - magical creatures of the sea, whose singing bewitches sailors and lures them to their deaths.

Ulysses, aware of the deadly nature of the their hypnotizing voices, instructs his men to plug their ears with beeswax and to tie him to the ship's mast. As the ship approached the siren's island, Ulysses becomes enchanted by their singing. He commands that his crew untie him, but his men, their ears full of beeswax, ignore the desperate please of their captain, rowing the boat to safety.

Unfortunately, that's not quite how the story goes...

Ulysses did not anticipate the encounter with the sirens, nor did he think to plug his men's ears with beeswax or tie himself to the mast. It was, in fact, the goddess Circe who warned Ulysses and suggested that if he wanted to listen, he would need to order his crew to plug their ears and bind him to the mast. The goddess even provided Ulysses with beeswax to plug his men's ears.

The Importance of a Support System

In this story, the goddess Circe represents a supportive ally, someone who has your best interest at heart, someone who can help you become aware of your own limitations, of your own lack of willpower, and notice your blind spots.

And, let's face it, creative entrepreneurship it is just as treacherous as sailing past an island inhabited by beautiful and dangerous creatures.

A supportive ally or group of allies, that can take on the role of Circe, is one of the best things you can have with you when going through all the necessary steps towards building your skills, growing an audience, or monetizing your work.

This doesn't relieve you of any responsibility, but rather makes it so that you are accountable to all those who provide you with their time and energy.

While you still need to execute, now you are more motivated than ever to do so.

This is what irevuo is all about: to provide a trusted learning and development ecosystem for creative entrepreneurs, because, truth be told, you either die an artist or live long enough to become a creative entrepreneur. We are honored to help artists, writers, bloggers, and other creatives, regardless of what stage of their journey they're at.

The Collaborative Web

Creative entrepreneurs thrive when smart, motivated peers contribute to their work, nurturing ideas into compelling platforms, businesses, and products.

Collaborating on another's work can inspire us to write something of our own. Someone else's perspective can help us better understand our own ideas, process, and audience.

Put simply, helping others create, design, and promote is the best way one can become a better creative entrepreneur.

This symbiosis is at the core of irevuo.

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Write With Us

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