Distributing Blockbuster Articles

Apr 12, 2022 8 min read
Distributing Blockbuster Articles

The main drawback of the huge, and constantly increasing, supply of content is the stagnant amount of attention. There’s too much content to consume and a finite number of readers with limited brain processing power.

Of course, there’s the fact that the most lucrative niches are dominated by popular content creators, authorities in their fields backed up by the social proof of having hundreds of thousands of followers and subscribers.

What is a beginner to do about all this?

Create quality content? Yes. It's a topic we've covered in previous tutorials and guides. Brand themselves in a way that attracts potential readers? Likewise, yes, and it's another topic we've discussed previously.

But at the same time, if content is king, then surely distribution is one of its top advisors.

If reaching as many people as possible, distributing your content across a number of different platforms is essential to you building a tribe of loyal fans.

The 3 Types of Distribution Channels

All distribution channels fall into one of three main categories:

The channels you own are the ones you have the most control over, while borrowed channels are the ones you have virtually no control over, thus the golden rule of content distribution is this: all traffic should ultimately point to the channels you own, and therefore you should prioritize growing the audience of those channels.

Borrowing someone else’s audience is pointless if you can’t even promote the channels you do own. At the same time, be aware not to place too much trust in rented platforms. After all, you’re one algorithm change away from having virtually no audience.

Of course, while the main insight is that, yes, distribution across as many channels as possible is a trend you should capitalize on, there’s more to distributing content than simply sharing it across channels.

Let’s break down each of these channels individually.

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