Figuring Out Your Blog's Ideal Reader

Apr 12, 2022 23 min read
Figuring Out Your Blog's Ideal Reader

The “best” way to miss a target is to place yourself with your back against it.

In other words, you simply cannot hit a target you do not see.

And if you want to build a real blog that caters to a real audience, you’ll need to do more than just write down a bunch of goals or set a timeline.

You need to figure out who is the person you want to attract.

In fact, developing a deep understanding of who your audience is will be the single most important activity that forms the foundation upon which your blog can grow.

Here’s why:

  • Finding your target audience and learning exactly how you can best help them is the key to writing blog posts that actually solve the challenges of real people—and will show you how to rise above the competition in the long run.
  • Learning how to find your ideal reader (first) will keep you from wasting time writing blog posts that nobody wants to read, and it’ll show you which topics are going to become more popular over time.

Who should you be writing for?

How do you know which content topics they’ll be interested in?

How do you go out and attract readers?

That's what we'll figure out in this tutorial. A way to properly reach those who are most inclined to engage with our content, those who have most to benefit from our content.

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