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Growing your audience doesn't have to be hard, and guest blogging doesn't have to feel sleazy.

Guest Blogging Magic is a hands-on, comprehensive course that enables you to write, pitch, and promote guest blogs Learn how to test whether or not there's an audience for your content.

We designed this course to help you become a true blogstar through guest blogging. Each and every facet of the course, from its length to action items, was carefully planned to serve that goal.

Course Information

Guest Blogging Magic is built on 4 distinct principles:

  • How to identify the perfect platforms for you. You'll learn how to market your blog to platforms that can help you grow

  • How to write the perfect guest post. I show you how to write the perfect guest blog post, how to design a fantastic guest post bio, and how to leverage interactions on your guest post.

  • How to pitch your guest post ideas. Learn where and how to promote your guest post ideas, so others take notice.

  • How to tailor your promotions to your own comfort. My advice is not "one size fits all." Your level of comfort around marketing may be different than mine. I'll teach you how to adjust your promotions based on your comfort with selling, and how to leverage various distribution and promotion channels for maximum effect.

    ...and many more rules, tools, and strategies that make the difference between guest blogging the right way and wasting a lot of time sending dozens of emails that never receive a single reply.

    With step-by-step lessons and clear action items, this course is designed to help you make steady, ongoing progress. 

    I want you to be able to effortlessly add guest blogging to your growth arsenal... so much so that it will begin to feel like magic.  That's the goal, and I'm here to help you make it happen.

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This is a work-at-your-own pace course. You can go as fast as you want, or you can take your time. But what happens when you have a question?

That's why we've built a private community that — a place where you can ask questions when you're stuck and share ideas to get honest feedback from other creative entrepreneurs like you.

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I'm Cristian Mihai

I self-published my first book in January, 2011. Since then, I managed to sell over a million books (both fiction and non-fiction).

Now I use what I've learned to help people just like you inspire, build, and turn their passion into profit. I’ll show you how to design a marketing strategy for your book that you can be proud of.


Guest Blogging Magic

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