Insights: The Art of Social Media

Apr 12, 2022 3 min read
Insights: The Art of Social Media
The Art Of Social Media is a compendium of over 100 practical tips to treat your social media presence like a business and use a bottom-up approach to get the attention your brand, product, or business deserves.

Guy Kawasaki is a name that rings a bell for almost anyone. Yet, most people don’t know why he originally became a public figure.

In 1983, Guy joined Apple and became their chief evangelist, responsible for the marketing of the Macintosh at the time. As an evangelist, it was his job to spread the word about the Macintosh through articles, talks, speeches, demonstrations, and presentations.

In this way, Guy created a base of incredibly loyal fans and customers, who spread the word as much as they could on their own, thus generating huge network effects.

Over the years he’s become an angel investor and expert in social media, as he was involved in many platforms early on. The Art Of Social Media is his practical guide to helping people succeed in this industry.

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