Principles: The Procrustes Effect

Principles: The Procrustes Effect

The Ancient Greeks loved to tell the story of Procrustes, a rogue smith and bandit who would offer to host travelers, invite them to sleep in a special bed for the evening. Procrustes assured the weary travelers the bed would perfectly fit any person who slept in it.

Unfortunately for them, Procrustes would take his promise quite literally. If they were too short for the bed, Procrustes would stretch them out till they fit. If they were too tall, Procrustes would chop their limbs off.

A lot of the rules, frameworks, and strategies that involve blogging act in a similar way. There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to the art of blogging. In fact, most advice is wrong.

It’s overly simplified to the point that it becomes a creative prison for anyone who tries to faithfully reinforce it.

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