Kurt Vonnegut’s 8 Rules for Writing a Short Story

In this mini-course we'll explore the basics of writing a short story through the creative lens of one of the most prolific writers of the past century.

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The Wordstar Method

Turbocharge your productivity with this framework inspired by one of the most popular contemporary writers.

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The Mindset of Extremely Prolific Writers

Writer's block? Procrastination? Perfectionism? Destroy them all with our innovative set of strategies. 

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The Perfect Book Title

In this mini-course we'll explore the aspects of a compelling book title and the processes we can use to brainstorm ideas for book titles.

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10 Powerful Frameworks To Help You Punch the Damn Keys

Mindset is everything. Supercharge your creative brain by taking care of your mindset.

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The Basics of Marketing and Selling a Self-Published Book

This introductory course is a great place to start if you wish to understand the fundamentals of marketing a self-published book.

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The Basics of Designing a Book

Master the irevuo way of designing and formatting a self-published book.

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