The 4 C’s of Ridiculously Irresistible Articles

Apr 12, 2022 7 min read
The 4 C’s of Ridiculously Irresistible Articles

Everything you write, from a tweet to a 10,000-word essay, needs to pass the 4 Cs:

Is it clear?

Is it concise?

Is it compelling?

Is it credible?

As far as unconventional content creation formulas go, the 4C’s acts more like a series of content creation principles, but it does provide one with a basic framework for writing articles that genuinely benefit the reader, especially since your article has to be “credible.”

And I believe this is the keyword for this formula: trust.

The 4 C’s enable you to write articles with the clear goal of earning a reader’s trust:

  • Clear articles help readers build an easy-to-follow mental map.
  • Concise writing shows that the blogger respects their time.
  • Compelling articles overcome objections and reduce friction.
  • Credible writing provides proof, research, and data that can help readers internalize the importance of taking action.

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