The 6 Most Underused Emotions in Blogging

Apr 13, 2022 7 min read
The 6 Most Underused Emotions in Blogging

We like to think of ourselves as rational beings. Intellectual curiosity enabled us to perform literal miracles when it comes to technological advances.

But is it so? Or were we just trying to solve a problem that made us angry, bitter, or sad?

We use our brains, yes, but it is our hearts that dictate most of our actions.

If your aim is to persuade, you have to use emotions. The part that tells itself “I’ll have that” is emotional. . It’s funny how it works, actually. We decide on an emotional level, and then we rationalize.

In today’s ultra-connected, information-saturated online landscape, building a successful blog goes beyond simply producing content.

It’s no secret that many folks seek to build relationships with the bloggers they follow, so how does one go about creating and nurturing an emotional connection with an audience?

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