The Art of Writing Blockbuster Articles

The Art of Writing Blockbuster Articles

Most blogging advice you find online sounds like this:

  • Publish as much content as possible
  • Write longer articles
  • Stuff your article with keywords in the vague hope of ranking as high as possible on search engines
  • Use the same old basic headline formulas that everyone else has used and abused for the past two decades

Over two billion search results, and the vast majority of the advice you'll find only kind of feels like a solution, feeds your enthusiasm until you click the publish button and... crickets.

But don't worry, there's a better way.

What if you could write just a few pieces of content that are based on specific frameworks and strategies?

Introducing The Art of Writing Blockbuster Articles, a complete framework for creating, promoting, and distributing highly engaging articles that help you grow your blog and build a community around your content. This book will not just help you write great articles, but also help you become an authority within your niche.

If I’ve learned anything in my 10 years as a full-time blogger, it’s this:

The success of your blog depends on the quality of your content.

But here’s the problem - it’s hard to write truly remarkable content!

Most of the content creation methods people use, most of the old formulas, don't work anymore. We've reached content saturation, and the modern reader is sick and tired of the same old listicles, how-to guides, and clickbait articles.

So how do you write content that helps you stand out from the crowd?

By deploying our unique frameworks and recipes.

By the end of this book...

  1. You’ll learn all there is to know about writing irresistible articles.
  2. You’ll have a system that ensures you’ll never run out of ideas.
  3. You’ll have a method for writing blockbuster articles that engage readers like crazy.
  4. You’ll understand how to accelerate your productivity with our framework.
  5. You’ll understand advanced strategies such as The Sprezzatura Technique, GAPS, and more.

The Fundamentals

Understand the basics of writing blockbuster articles and why they are essential to a blogger's success.

The Framework

A comprehensive outline of how to structure and plan a blockbuster article.

A Weekly Process

An expertly designed creative process to help you publish a blockbuster article every week.

Irresistible Headlines

Learn the subtle art of writing irresistible headlines.

The Hook

Write compelling introductions that hook your readers and persuade them to keep on reading.

Copywriting Formulas

Learn how to deploy some of the most effective formulas from the world of copywriting and advertising.

Distribution Channels

Understand how to best distribute and share your content for maximum effect.

Derivative Content

Turn your blockbuster article into multiple pieces of content and expand both the reach and the lifetime of your content.

Advanced Strategies and Formulas

Become a proper blogging superstar by learning crazy, unconventional strategies and formulas.

A library of cutting-edge formulas and recipes

Forget about the overused formulas of the past and gain an advantage by deploying formulas inspired by the world of psychology, copywriting, mental models, art, and history.

The Bridge

Showcase a powerful transformation.

The Limbic Brain

Better understand your article's chance of success by figuring out its why.

The Raconteur

The universe is made of stories. Learn how to use them to captivate your audience.


Master the demeanor of true blogstars.

Features - Advantages - Benefits

Because your article is YOUR product, and you must be aware of the value you add.

The 7 Deadly Sins

Leverage your audience's dark side by appealing to one of the 7 deadly sins.

This is just a taste of what you’ll get in the book.

Understand what a blockbuster article is:

  • The five types of blockbuster articles
  • Why it’s important to be able to consistently publish blockbuster articles
  • Conducting proper research

Detailed frameworks and strategies for writing blockbuster articles

  • Proven content formulas to create blog posts
  • Crafting an irresistible headline, a compelling introduction, and a killer call to action
  • Learn how to structure, write, edit, publish, and promote a blockbuster article per week

Advanced strategies for ambitious content creators

  • The Limbic Brain will challenge the way you think about content creation
  • The Raconteur Framework will allow you to write compelling stories
  • The GAPS Formula will teach you how to write content that stands out from the crowd
  • Fascinate your readers by understanding eureka moments (and how to summon them at will.)
  • Appeal to your readers' dark sides with our 7 Deadly Sins Formula
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