The Basics of Guest Blogging

Apr 13, 2022 31 min read
The Basics of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging, also called guest posting, is when you write an article for someone else’s blog with the purpose of growing your brand, gaining exposure to your target audience, generating traffic, and building natural backlinks for your own blog.

Although there are some exceptions, a guest post will normally be a unique piece of content you’ll have to write—one you haven’t already published on your blog or anywhere else—and you’ll almost always be writing for a blog with a larger audience than your own (which is one of the major benefits of guest blogging).

You don’t have to pay to be a guest blogger, either. If you’re asked to pay, then that’s a sponsored post, not a guest post. In fact, some blogs will even pay you in order to guest blog on their site.

So what’s the catch when it comes to guest blogging? Well, there isn’t one— it’s a genuine win-win situation, as the blogs you share your content on will have a fresh stream of content, grow their reputation within their niche, and also build links (as guest bloggers mention and link to their respective guest articles.)

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