Most indie authors struggle to gain traction because they are effectively writing in a void.

Now, 99% of them discover, at one point or another, just how important it is to connect with other authors. Making friends, building relationships, and leveraging those relationships.

If you want to win, it matters how well you play with others.

That's why today I am going to share with you a networking strategy that will help you promote your books.

The Trojan Horse Strategy

This is a simple, four-step strategy that requires, however, that you master the subtle art of networking and building relationships online, and this is what most of this guide will focus on.

Of course, not all popular bloggers are great targets for this strategy. As an example, it would be ridiculous to try to deploy this article on Seth Godin’s blog, given that he doesn’t allow comments. Also, he’s quite busy.

That’s why you need a checklist. Like this one:

Put simply, your goal is to find popular authore who are already part of a community, are active in the community they’ve built on their blogs, and are networking with others within the niche.

Once you’ve found “the perfect target,” it’s time to…

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