Understanding Hyperniche Blogs

Apr 13, 2022 11 min read
Understanding Hyperniche Blogs

We now live in a world of constant information overload. Content creators are sharing millions and millions of articles, podcasts, social media posts, and videos every single month.

This, in turn, changes the dynamic of how we create content, how we distribute it, how we promote it, and even how we monetize our blogs.

The main issue? Broad topics lack focus, direction, and are becoming less and less appealing.

The most lucrative niches are overcrowded and ultra-competitive, and a general blog that tackles a main topic (or a multitude of topics) has little to no chance of standing out from the crowd.

What is Hyperniche?

A hyperniche blog adds value to a small group of people within a target demographic.

For instance, a niche blog might be a blog that gives e-commerce advice. Simple. Incredibly crowded space.

A hyperniche blog would be one that gives advice on how to build a successful e-commerce store on Shopify.

Hyperniche blogs break down a particular topic until it can’t be broken down anymore.

Think in terms of:

  1. A particular platform that’s being used within your niche. A productivity blog might focus on Notion tutorials, a marketing blog on Facebook advertising, or a content marketing blog on growing a Ghost publication.
  2. Demographic data. A niche blog would cater to German entrepreneurs. A hperniche one, to German entrepreneurs based in Berlin.
  3. Psychographic qualities. Finance advice is a broad niche. Finance advice for single moms? Hyperniche.
  4. The skill level of your audience. This one’s extremely important and vastly underated. For instance, most creators in the "blogging" niche share advice for beginners, with few advanced frameworks or strategies. You can easily find a gap within even the most crowded of niches if most of the content caters to the beginner.

In other words, a hyperniche blog provides clarity by being laser-focused on the smallest segment within a particular niche.

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