The Subtle Art of Customer-Centricity: How to Sell More Without Alienating People and Losing Fans

Jan 30, 2022 26 min read
The Subtle Art of Customer-Centricity: How to Sell More Without Alienating People and Losing Fans

When we think of a moment that changed everything for Apple, the so-called tipping point, most of us tend to remember Steve Jobs’ 2007 Keynote speech, when he introduced the first iPhone.

Or maybe we remember Macworld 2008, when Steve Jobs said, “It’s the world’s thinnest notebook,” as he removed the first MacBook Air from a tiny paper office envelope.

But there’s one moment that took place long before that...

It was 1997, at the Worldwide Developer Conference, and Steve Jobs had just returned to Apple as an advisor. The company he had founded 20 years prior was on the brink of bankruptcy.

At this conference, as he tried to answer a question about Apple’s decision to discontinue OpenDoc, Steve Jobs said, “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.”

It was this principle that dictated Apple’s subsequent product launches, its approach towards design, its implementation of certain technologies or software, and even the packaging of its products.

All these decisions, in turn, played a big part in Apple becoming the most valuable company in the world.

Before you even begin to design a product you want to sell, regardless of the type of product, you must understand the dynamics involved that turn a stranger into a customer.

Most people mistakenly believe that marketing is as simple as:

In truth, without first understanding the customer marketing any product or service resembles this iconic scene from the Simpsons.

Most creators fail to make money online for one of two reasons:

1. They fail to focus on parts of their offer that help people survive/thrive (all stories are about some form of survival: physical, emotional, relational, spiritual)

2. They make people work too hard to understand what they offer.

The term sales funnel is just as harmful as traffic, and it turns actual human beings into faceless, nameless cohorts whose sole redeeming quality is their easy access to various payment methods.

If you believe that a product, even a great one, will sell itself, that all you have to do is build it, promote it, I'm sorry to say this to you, but you're living in La La Land.

In this in-depth tutorial we'll explore the fragile nature of customer-centricity, building a customer journey, and how to best market a product without losing fans and alienating people.

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